8 Wholesome Books about the History of Thanksgiving

8 Wholesome Books about the History of Thanksgiving

Adding wholesome, values-based children's books to your home library that you don't have to pre-read and vet is only made possible by Big Sky Life Books' strict vetting process.

Enjoy these eight books highlighting the Pilgrims' journey to Plymouth and the immense struggles they faced. Hear about Squanto's story, the first harsh winter faced by the Pilgrims and how Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to plant food and survive.

Life was hard and reaping the harvest involved the children too! The Pilgrims were resilient - they learned new skills - they worked hard together!

Point out the awesome character traits as you read these books with the children in your life.

Children's Books full of the History of Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Story

This is the story of the Mayflower sailing to America from England. It focuses specifically on one family, the Hopkins family, and their three kids. The book tells about all the different people aboard the Mayflower and the suffering for months before, at last, finding land. The Hopkins family even had a new baby on the voyage.

This book is very educational and tells the story of the very first Thanksgiving in a way children can understand. Learn about the Indians and how grateful the Pilgrims were to have that first Thanksgiving feast.

The Very First Thanksgiving Day

This is a sweet rhyming book following 'the house that Jack built', that describes the experience of the first Thanksgiving. It takes you on a journey through each part of the first Thanksgiving from the Mayflower to the new land and the food they created.

This is the food, gathered and blessed,
the corn and sweet berries, and wild turkey dressed,
shared on the very first Thanksgiving Day.

This book is fun to read and full of beautiful illustrations. It does not cover deeper subjects - like why the Pilgrims left on the Mayflower, etc.

Squanto's Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving

This picture book biography of Tisquantum (Squanto) presents the fascinating and heartbreaking story of being abducted and forced into slavery in Spain. Follow Squanto's long journey back to North America only to find that his people, the Patuxet, had been decimated by sickness.

Read about his historic role in helping the Pilgrims survive as they learned what to plant, how to plant and how to survive in the 'New World'.

The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims First Thanksgiving is a great book to introduce children to the struggles of the Pilgrims during their first year at Plymouth Colony and the events leading up to the historic holiday we celebrate every year, Thanksgiving.

Three Young Pilgrims

There is an abundance of historical info packed into this well illustrated book!

Follow the Allerton family's pilgrim adventure from their journey across the ocean through their first few years. The detailed captions and layouts leave so much to be explored.

The first major painting is a map of the Atlantic Ocean showing the sailing Mayflower with geographical notes tracing the adventures of the Pilgrims from the time they fled England for Holland until they settled in Plymouth.

The illustrations are lively and each page is full of historical facts.

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

 This book shows the hand of God in the life of Squanto, and the miracle Squanto was in the lives of the Pilgrims.

This well written story demonstrates how God can turn difficulties into blessings, and how our own challenges can prepare us to help others. Squanto's life is compared to Joseph of Egypt's - he was sold into slavery in far country, and then was prepared to be able save a nation from starvation.

A great book to read and be reminded of God's divine providence - to be thankful for His intervention and help to those who call upon Him.

Sarah Morton's Day

A historical reenactment book about a little pilgrim girl. It follows the story of nine-year-old pilgrim Sarah Morton, based on a real girl at Plymouth Plantation who was nine in 1627. Enjoy the real-life pictures as you learn about what life was really like for the pilgrim children.

The Littlest Pilgrim

A Thanksgiving story from the perspective of a little pilgrim who wants to help but is too small. She soon meets a little Indian girl, just her size, and they become friends.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends! Enjoy learning about the history with your children and gleaning valuable character traits.

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