Gift Ideas For Children Who Love Animals

Read about animals that performed heroic acts! Follow the funny adventures of Doug and read the famous Miss Suzy story first published in 1964.

'Man's Best Friend' doesn't fail to become just that in the trues stories of RAGS and Honey.

Sergeant Reckless and Goliath feature incredible true stories that will delight the horse-lover in your life.

Animal Tales

#1 Rags: Hero Dog of WWI - A True Story

During WWI, a stray dog named Rags befriends a U.S. soldier in Paris, France. Rags traveled with the troops carrying messages from the front line to the back. His loyalty kept him by his owner's side until Sergeant Donovan died at the base hospital in Chicago.

#2 Honey: The Dog Who Saved Abe Lincoln

Based on a little-known tale from Abraham Lincoln’s childhood, this charming picture book tells a classic story of a boy, his dog, and a daring rescue.

#3 Flicka Ricka Dicka And The Little Dog

Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka find a crying dog on their doorstep. Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka return the dog to his rightful owner, but he doesn't want to go home!

#4 A Dog Named Doug

Dogs love to dig but one dog named Doug takes digging to new heights (and depths) in this picture book.

#5 Sergeant Reckless: The True Story of the Little Horse Who Became a Hero

The inspiring true story of Reckless, the brave little horse who became a Marine. 

#6 Goliath: Hero of the Great Baltimore Fire

In 1904 the city of Baltimore was almost destroyed by fire. Hundreds of firemen, policemen, soldiers, and citizens battled the blaze for three days. Goliath leads his team into the blaze. Soon his lifesaving actions will lead him into the pages of history.

#7 A Boy, A Dog, and a Frog

A classic. A boy and his dog go walking in the swamp. They spot a frog in the water. Can they use a net to catch him?

#8 Miss Suzy

How Miss Suzy and the soldiers help each other makes a gentle, old-fashioned tale that has captured the imaginations of girls and boys alike for more than fifty years.

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