Little Golden Books Easter Gift Ideas – For Children (1 - 7 Years)

Classic tales and Easter joy in every Golden Book.

Easter Gift Ideas Little Golden Books

Easter is a time of joy and renewal, making it the perfect occasion to share the gift of reading with the little ones in your life. This Easter, dive into the timeless world of Little Golden Books, which have captivated young readers for generations. From the enchanting tales of bunnies exploring the wonders of the seasons to true stories that uncover the meaning of Easter, these books are chosen for children aged 1 to 7 years.

Each story is richly illustrated and filled with lessons about joy, discovery, and family values. Here's a curated selection of Little Golden Books that are ideal Easter gifts and treasures that children will hold dear for years to come.

Easter Gift Ideas Little Golden Books - Big Sky Life Books

Little Golden Books Easter Gift Ideas

A vintage favorite from 1963, follow Bunny through the seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. Available as a Little Golden Book in hardcover and also a tall, narrow board book. (2-5)

Add to your child's Little Golden Book collection with this accurate depiction of the story of Easter. (2-6)

A 1955 treasure! What will Bunny be when he grows up? (3-7)

Published in 1947, this sweet story is about a bunny who finds and egg and wonders what is inside?! (2-5)

A sweet story from 1956. Bunny hops around wondering where his perfect home is. (2-5)

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