Engage your Children through Song and Dance this Spring

Engage your Children through Song and Dance this Spring - Big Sky Life Books

Adding wholesome, values-based children's books to your home library that you don't have to pre-read and vet is only made possible by Big Sky Life Books' strict vetting process.

Do you enjoy books that leave you with a positively happy feeling? Books that make you want to capture the day, smile a bit more, and soak in some sun. These three books are light, fun and wholesome! Spring is full of wonderful things ~ green grass, birds singing, spring rains, clean air, puddles, and so much more. Trees are blooming and new growth is happening everywhere. Don't miss out!

Children's Song and Dance Book Collection

All Things Bright and Beautiful – Hardcover Picture Book

You have probably heard the wonderful and timeless ode to nature written by Cecil Frances Alexander. This book celebrates the wonders of life, great and small, seen and unseen.

Celebrate God's masterpiece as you join a little girl's country ramble and share her appreciation of the beauty all around her: a flower, the wind, a mountain view - they all give her reasons to pause and praise - and inspire us to do the same.

You can choose to sing or read the pages of this beautiful hardcover book ~ teach the song to your children so they can join in as you get outside and take full advantage of the wonderful springtime weather!

Find a hillside with your children and belt out this wonderful chorus...'The Lord God Made Them All'!

Singing in the Rain – Hardcover Picture Book

If you aren't familiar with the 1952 musical 'Singing in the Rain' with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds - you must watch it! You'll love the catchy tune of the song 'Singing in the Rain' - And the next rain storm will have you grabbing your umbrella and heading out to sing, spin around light posts, and dance in the rain!

How fun to bring this classic number to life in a beautiful picture book for children. Share in the joy of jumping in puddles and singing in the rain under your umbrellas with the children in your life.

With colorful, springtime scenes and the familiar lyrics, this promises to be a beautiful, giftable feel-good read-aloud.

Oh, what a glorious feeling!...

The Song and Dance Man - Paperback

Let's not forget ole' Gramps as we're dancing the day away. He used to be a real song and dance man in his day! All he needs is a trip to the attic to grab his old bowler hat, gold-tipped cane and tap shoes.

Grandpa once danced on the vaudeville stage, and as he glides across the floor - the children are entranced!

Enthusiastic Grandpa clearly exudes the message that you're only as old as you feel. Children will enjoy this story that captures the nostalgia of the moment.

Dance ~ Dance ~ Dance

Music in our Homes

The beauty and innocence of childhood. The ability to dance without a care in the world. Long before we care what other people think of us. Music and dance bring such joy into our homes!

We have a record player that also has radio and plays CDs and cassette tapes (for those that still have those:). I'm not an affiliate marketer, but here's what it looks like if you're interested:

We've picked up several records at garage sales and second-hand stores. Our son will play any type of 'marching' music with a soldier hat on and a stick over his shoulder. He'll march around the house and sometimes talk his little sis into doing the same. Little sis is always up for a dance party and considers any music a welcome opportunity to jump up and down all over the living room. However, the best dance moves come out when Elvis Presley's 'Jailhouse Rock' hits the record player!


When was the last time you cranked the tunes and did the boogie woogie dance with your children?

Please allow me to encourage you to take a moment, turn a blind eye to the kitchen mess, skip bath night, push bedtime back a little bit and 'shake a leg' with the little people in your life.

Children will never forget the joy in your home. Dance and sing like you don't have a care in the world!

Who remembers the movie 'You've Got Mail'? Remember Meg Ryan's favorite memory with her mother? She had a photo of her and her mother 'twirling' in her bookstore.

I want my children to have memories like this.

Embrace this spring season with your children and grandchildren! Check out the Children's Song and Dance Collection from Big Sky Life Books!

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