Signs of the Savior: Easter Curriculum Book List

Discover Easter's meaning with our curated Signs of the Savior: Easter booklist for kids. Engage in stories of hope and resurrection.

Signs of the Savior: Easter Curriculum Book List

Adding wholesome, values-based children's books to your home library that you don't have to pre-read and vet is only made possible by Big Sky Life Books' strict vetting process.

Welcome to our blog post featuring Katie Klein from Little House Learning and her Easter homeschool curriculum, "Signs of the Savior at Easter." This curriculum, perfect for kids aged 4-14, makes learning about Easter easy and fun.

Katie Klein from Little House Learning Co -Signs of the Savior Curriculum - Big Sky Life Books
Katie Klein from Little House Learning Co. created the Signs of the Savior Easter homeschool curriculum.

Over three weeks, families will explore the Easter story through simple activities like reading, singing, and crafts. It focuses on important Easter symbols and helps kids understand their meaning while making new family memories.

Big Sky Life Books has several of the books you need for Katie's Easter homeschool curriculum. Enjoy celebrating the good news of Jesus' death and resurrection during this Easter season with your children and grandchildren. Thank you for supporting Big Sky Life Books - your wholesome children's bookstore.

Holy Week: An Emotions Primer (1-4)

Board Book | $12.99

We recommend this book: This colorful board book uses Scripture to tell the story of Jesus' final week on Earth. Each page has a specific emotion listed, a sentence describing the event and Scripture. I think children up to age 5-6 would enjoy this book. What a great book to read during the week leading up to Easter Sunday!

Book summary: Holy Week introduces little ones to a wide range of emotions as they follow Jesus through the final week of His life. Help them learn basic emotions like joy, anger, sadness, fear, and more. And they will learn more about Jesus. (20 pages)

Jesus Rose For Me (2-5)

Board Book | $9.99

We recommend this book: This board book dives deeper into the resurrection story. It also provides Bible verse references for you to look up with your child. The pictures are large and colorful and clear!

It begins with stories of Jesus' miracles on Earth - and ends with His resurrection and a paragraph called 'why do we celebrate Easter?' This book - along with Jesus Came for Me - are both such great beginner stories of the gospel!

Book summary: Every Easter, we celebrate that Jesus Christ is more powerful than death. But what does that mean for your little one? Jesus Rose for Me by author Jared Kennedy helps toddlers and preschoolers understand the true Christian meaning of Easter in a personal, memorable way. (26 pages)

Tale of Three Trees (2-6)

Hardcover – Picture Book | $17.99

We recommend this book: Three trees sit on the hill. Little do they know what an important role they will play in Jesus' life on Earth. This book is on the booklist for Signs of the Savior both at Christmas and Easter - for good reason! Use this delightful tale to compliment the story of Jesus birth, death and resurrection.

Book summary: Featuring the wonderful illustrations of Tim Jonke, this best-selling children's book tells the Easter story from a new and unusual point of view. Children will be deeply touched as they understand, perhaps for the first time, the significance of Christ's life and his atoning sacrifice on the cross. (25 pages)

The Donkey Who Carried the King (3-8)

Hardcover – Picture Book | $16

We recommend this book: This hugely popular book seems to be at the top of every Christian Easter book list and we're excited to carry it at Big Sky Life Books! This story follows a Grandfather telling his grandson a story about the donkey who carried Jesus. Later, the donkey's friend tells him why Jesus came and Grandpa helps Riley understand the importance of serving God with a willing and thankful heart. The back of this book has question and answer sections to help with understanding the story and applying the truths.

Make Easter a bigger celebration than Christmas with rich stories to help children understand the importance of the death and resurrection of Jesus!

Book summary: The Donkey Who Carried a King offers a unique perspective on the events of Jesus’ Passion Week and calls all believers, both young and old, to follow in the footsteps of the Suffering Servant for the glory of God. (38 pages)

That Grand Easter Day! (4-7)

Hardcover – Picture Book | $16.99

We recommend this book: Vibrant illustrations and a catchy rhyming tune (House that Jack Built) makes this a fun book to read. It begins with the verse John 3:16 and focuses on the empty tomb and resurrection of Christ. "What happened the day the stone rolled away?"

Book summary: That Grand Easter Day! is a cumulative story that begins with the stone in front of the tomb and ends with a new beginning – the Resurrection of Christ. The lively narrative builds as it progresses, adding people, objects, and animals that may have witnessed the events of that day long ago. (32 pages)

'Twas the Morning of Easter (4-8)

Hardcover – Picture Book | $17.99

We recommend this book: This book follows the rhythm and rhyme of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'. The catchy tune and beautiful illustrations will captivate the readers. The story begins with the guards outside the tomb of Jesus and ends with the whole earth rejoicing that Jesus is alive!

Book summary: This gorgeous picture book shares the true story of Easter with little ones with read-aloud rhymes and engaging illustrations by Elena Selivanova. With an eye-catching cover decorated in shining foil and embossing, this book is perfect for any Easter basket and will surely be a treasured Easter tradition for years to come. (32 pages)

On That Easter Morning (5-9)

Hardcover – Picture Book | $14.99

We recommend this book: This book is a a wonderful read-aloud option for children as young as 5-years-old. In this beautifully illustrated book, the author takes biblical text, which is broken up into different "scenes" and weaves them together into a story that flows well together. Some biblical text is simplified for children, i.e., 'Forgive them, Father. They don't know what they are doing' rather than 'Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do'.

Book summary: There are many intriguing people, animals, and landscapes to look at along the way, bursting with new details to find with a young child as you share the story of that special morning. (32 pages)


This collection of Easter books is on the booklist for Signs of the Savior at Easter curriculum, created by Little House Learning Co. Enjoy celebrating our risen Lord this Easter!